Set of 30 Brass Gem Ornaments - 3 sizes
Set of 30 Brass Gem Ornaments - 3 sizes
Set of 30 Brass Gem Ornaments - 3 sizes

Set of 30 Brass Gem Ornaments - 3 sizes

$160.00 USD

You will love our Modlode Geometric Gem Ornaments.  Handmade in the United States using polish brass tubes, cut to exact lengths and carefully woven together with a brass wire. This listing is for a Set of 30 Gem Ornaments consisting of 3 different shapes.

Includes 3 different sizes of Diamond/Gems

  • 10 small 3"x2"
  • 16 medium 4"x3"
  • 4 large 5"x3"

Our Gem Ornaments were featured in HGTV Magazine in December of 2017! Below is one of the photos.  


Bulk Discount: 
If you are ordering 100+ ornaments please contact us for a bulk discount. 

Order Fulfillment:
Modlode ornaments are made to order.  If you are ordering one set of ornaments the order will ship out within 4 days. For multiple sets, please allow 1-2 weeks for the order to ship.  We advise that you provide the date of the event to us to guarantee delivery on time. If you have a RUSH order (we get lots of these!!!) please contact us and we will do our best to get your order out as soon as possible.  
Care Instructions for Brass:
Brass ornaments will arrive looking very golden and will develop slight patina over time. The rate this will happen at depends on your climate and the moisture in your air.  To keep the golden appearance, keep them in the bag they were shipped in until you are ready to display them for your event.  Personally, we love how the patina adds character to our products but in the event you want to remove it and restore the original gold shine we recommend gently rubbing the rods with  a paper towel with white vinegar on it.