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Hand-made in the United States by Modlode, this modern geometric wreath is made from metal tubes, cut to exact lengths, and carefully woven in an intricate pattern using a matching metal wire.  Modlode wreaths are a very versatile product.  Hang on the wall and add decor that suits the season or use it as a table centerpiece with candles and fresh greens.  Many of our brides even like to use the smaller wreaths are cake stands.  

Our Modlode wreaths are a high quality product that is durable and will last through the years.  Recommended as indoor wreaths but can be used on covered porches as well. 
Please note that wreaths come plain without any plants or ornaments found in photos.  

19.5" wide
6" tall

Made from Brass Metal Tubing that has been polished and appears Gold.

Hanging Instructions:   
Our wreaths are light weight and easy to hang.  If you are just hanging the wreath, without any decor a small nail will be sufficient.  If you are adding decor we recommend using a 3M Command Hook for hanging. 

Order Processing:
At Modlode we try to keep stock in all sizes of wreaths and ship out within 2 business of receiving the order. 

Modlode wreaths are shipped via UPS ground delivery which takes 1-4 business days depending on your distance from our Modlode Studio in St. Paul, Minnesota.
Caring for Brass Wreaths:
Brass will develop some slight patina with time.  The rate in which this happens depends on your climate and the moisture in the air.  To return the brass tubing to light gold simply rub the tubes with some white vinegar.  Using paper towel or a soft cloth will work perfectly.  The patina is quickly removed. 


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19.5" Geometric Wreath - Brass/Gold Metal

19.5" Geometric Wreath - Brass/Gold Metal

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