Why don't you ship to Canada?  My order won't go through!
We don't ship to Canada because we have a Canadian distributor who manufactures our Modlode products in Canada and ships from Ontario to our Canadian customers.  This saves our Canadian customer money because shipping is more economical, there are no customs fees for shipping across the boarder and no converting currency from US dollars to Canadian dollars.  Please go to Modlode Canada's website to purchase at www.etsy.com/shop/modlodecanada


Canadian Customers can place your order several ways:
  1. Go to ModCanada's Etsy shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/ModCanada?
  2. Email info@modlode.com and I will forward your order request onto Carol at Modlode Canada.
Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we ship our ornaments, Mod Place Card Holders and Mod Sign Holders world wide.  Please refer to our Shipping Page for specific information in regards to timing and cost.   


What are the different metallic finishes you offer in your products?
Modlode offers all products in 4 different colors: Brass (which looks gold), Black Matte, Rose Gold/Copper, and Silver.
What is the difference between a sphere and a dome?
The sphere is a solid round figure with tubing connected all the way around.  The dome is only a 2/3 of a sphere and is open on the bottom.  The fact that the dome is open at the bottom makes them easier for florists to work with as the domes are set over top of the floral arrangement.  With the spheres the florist has to create the arrangement inside of the sphere.  The domes are also cheaper to ship as they can can be stacked or folded.  


What size of domes and spheres are the most popular for table centerpieces?
The most popular sizes are the 8" and 10" domes and the 7.5" and 9.5" spheres.   If you want a full arrangement I would suggest using the 8" dome or 7.5" sphere.  If you want to have more space around the florals you should go with the larger size.  

Do you take custom orders?
Yes, we love to get custom order requests.  Whether you want different combinations of ornaments, bulk pricing for our items or custom sizing for our products we can do it all!

Do you have a store front?
No, we are an online retailer only.  

Can I pick up my order?
Yes, you can always pick up your order from my location in Woodbury, Minnesota.  

Why can't I find a product on your website that I saw on @Modlode Instagram of Facebook?
If you don't see the product on our website it may have been a custom order for a customer.  Contact us and we'd be happy to give you the details and make one for you as well.

Will the brass tubing tarnish?
Modlode products are made with a brass tubing.  The smaller tubes for place card holders and ornaments are polished and very gold in appearance.  Your products will arrive polished and appear very gold.  In time, depending on the amount of moisture in the air, they will darken slightly.  To keep you items in the condition they arrive until your event please leave them in the plastic bags they were shipped in and remove them when you are ready to display.  If you want to remove any patina/tarnishing use a paper towel with some white vinegar and gently rub the tubes.  This will quickly and easily remove and patina.  

Will the Rose Gold/Copper, Silver or Black Matte tubing tarnish?
No.  They will not tarnish.  They have a finish on them that protects from oxidation and tarnishing.