Thanks for stopping by to learn about Modlode!  My name is Ronna and I am the owner and designer of Modlode.  I spend my days and sometimes part of my weekends in the Modlode Studio and love every minute of it.  Life is often chaotic running a growing business and a household with two busy teenagers.  Thankfully, I have an amazing husband who cooking, cleans, and brings me coffee each and every morning in bed.  He’s a saint and so supportive of my work.  
Together my family has been on quite an adventure the past 7 years.  We started out in Canada, but we moved to the United Kingdom in 2011 for my husband’s work.  We spent 4 years living just outside of London in a quintessential small British town with a butcher, a cobbler and a hat maker.  It was an unforgettable time that expanded our minds and made the world seem a little smaller.  We were fortunate to travel to 17 different countries while living abroad!!!  I was most influenced by our travels to Scandinavia and the designs I saw there influenced what would become Modlode.
After moving to Minnesota, I opened up a box of holiday ornaments I purchased while vacationing in Sweden and started to experiment with ‘himmeli’ and geometric designs.  I just loved the clean lines and simplistic style.  A year later I opened up my Etsy shop and catered my products to the wedding and special event markets.  Once I launched my line of Mod Sign Holders and Mod Place Card Holders my little company started to take off! To date our products have been used in hundreds of weddings and special events and our products are shipped worldwide.  We have been featured in magazines, blogs and honored by each and every one of them.  
All of our products are manufactured in the United States. We now have 5 employees at Modlode that make our products and help keep up with the demand.  
In early 2019 our Studio got a new addition; a new laser printer/engraver and we are launched a new line of products catering to the Weddings and Special Events industry.  
We welcome any and all customer inquiries at info@modlode.com.  
Modlode Inc