Hello DIY Brides, Florists, Wedding and Event Planners.  We would like to introduce our latest product designed for the “Do It Yourself” customer who wants to stay within their budget, avoid expensive shipping fees and have Modlode’s stylish metal Sphere centerpieces at their wedding of special event.

At Modlode we love to make the spheres for our customers and ship them ready for use but understand that the cost to ship, especially international, can be too much to fit into your budget.  So we’ve taken our years of experience and a lot of care to create easy-to-follow instructions with pictures.

Our Modlode DIY Sphere Kit includes the metal tubes, wire and a copy of assembly instructions.  All you need to complete the sphere is small wire cutters, some spare time and a little patience. Your first sphere will take up to 45 minutes to complete but additional spheres will go much faster.  

Rest assured, If you are having trouble we encourage you to contact us via email and we’ll send you our tutorial video.  As a courtesy we even include extra wire and 2 extra tubes just in case you need them.

Instructions are the intellectual property of Modlode Inc and cannot be copied, sold or distributed.  Copyright 2018, Modlode Inc.    

FREE SHIPPING!  To get free shipping (domestic USA only) you must enter coupon FREESHIPDIY at checkout.  

The DIY Sphere Kits are available in the following sizes:
-6” Sphere
-7.5” Sphere
-9.5” Sphere
-11” Sphere

-Brass tubing (looks gold)
-Copper Tubing (looks like a matte Rose Gold)
-Silver Tubing (not made from real Silver)

Brass tubing will oxidize and patina slightly with exposure to moisture. The tubing will be delivered without any patina.  The rate at which the tubes will darken slightly due to oxidation depends on the amount of moisture in the air.  To keep the bright put the completed spheres in garbage bags to protect them from moisture.  Open them when you are ready to display.  To remove any patina add some white vinegar to a paper towel and gently rub the tubes.  This quickly and easily removes patina to brass and copper tubing.  

If you live in a very humid environment you could also protect from tarnishing by adding a clear sealant.  You can buy these at Home Depot, Michaels, Joann, Hobby Lobby etc in the spray paint section.  Spray a light coat and then wait 20 minutes for it to dry and turn it over and repeat. 

Please note that the Black Matte and Silver tubes will not tarnish.


- Wedding and Special Event Decor -  Available in 4 Sizes and 3 Metallic Finishes

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DIY Sphere Centerpiece Kit - 3 Sizes and 4 Color Options

DIY Sphere Centerpiece Kit - 3 Sizes and 4 Color Options

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